Two 〈Foo〉s Walk into a 〈Bar〉: Featuring the Highest Angle Bracket–to–Word Ratio Among Site Titles


Features, Explanation, etc.

More detail here coming soon, hopefully. Until then, here's a copy of the descripton I already wrote:

My .bashrc. Notable features include window titling (for graphical terminals like xterm and for screen) from the command line, use of Vim as the pager for man, a prompt that shows two levels of the current directory, a find command that ignores CVS and other special files, a random pile of aliases and functions and settings, and a whole lot of ugly setup for compatibility with SunOS and Linux. (I've been led to believe that there is a better way of handing the TERM problems: terminfo.)

Credits, Thanks, etc.

Way too many people. Some are cited in the file itself. I'll try to get an organized list together at some point.

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