Two 〈Foo〉s Walk into a 〈Bar〉: Featuring the Highest Angle Bracket–to–Word Ratio Among Site Titles


Baldur's Gate II ebuilds
Packages for the bonus merchants and Near Infinity.
Firefox Patches
Change Edit | Preferences to Tools | Options; remove CTRL+J search accelerator; add cache links to network‐error page.
General Manager for Tecmo Super Bowl
Cross‐platform editor for the old NES game.
OpenAFS under Linux at Pitt
If you're using OpenAFS under Linux, you need to use klog to get a Kerberos ticket so that you can view your private files. I don't know if there's a good, automated way of doing this, so I've created one.
Pidgin Patches
Clear formatting after sending a message; unmap CTRL+L.
Printing to Lab Printers from Dorms/Home
Free printing is nice, but it's annoying to log in to a lab computer and then hang around while the document prints and the staff fetches it. It would be a lot easier if we could print stuff from our own computers and just pick it up. It turns out that we can, though it's currently a bit convoluted.
Self‐Playing Playlists
Because typing mplayer -playlist instrumental is so much harder than typing instrumental.
XFCE Patches
Stop task list blinking; stop window‐title blinking; make task list buttons expand to fill available space.
My .bashrc. Notable features include window titling (for graphical terminals like xterm and for screen) from the command line, use of Vim as the pager for man, a prompt that shows two levels of the current directory, a find command that ignores CVS and other special files, a random pile of aliases and functions and settings, and a whole lot of ugly setup for compatibility with SunOS and Linux.
wpa_supplicant for Linux Networking at Pitt
Pitt changed its network setup for the 2004–2005 school year, switching from PPPoE — for which I could use adsl-start/adsl-stop — to IEEE 802.1x. From what little I have found out about the systems in question, it sounds as though this is theoretically an improvement. However, Pitt's implementation seems a bit unreliable, even through Windows XP and the AEGIS client they provide. Here I've put up some information to help other people who run Linux at Pitt to get online, plus some scripts to automate the process, if you're lucky.