Two 〈Foo〉s Walk into a 〈Bar〉: Featuring the Highest Angle Bracket–to–Word Ratio Among Site Titles

Pitt RSS Feeds

Feeds are updated roughly on the hour, assuming that my computer is online and working at that time.

Hopefully this goes without saying, but these feeds are unofficial and neither I nor the university is responsible for any problems that might arise from their use.

The parser that creates the RSS feeds is ad‐hoc and could very easily miss an entry if the source web pages change even slightly — this is especially likely with Microsoft Word's ugly "HTML." Furthermore, remember that if my computer is not online or is having other problems, the feeds will not be updated. Do not depend on the RSS feeds for information, for they could stop functioning at any moment.

I've added a workaround for Thunderbird Bug #297906, as described by Peter A. Shevtsov. I append a different dummy anchor to the end of every link to Ramirez's announcements page so that Thunderbird shows each entry as a distinct item.

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