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Leading Cause of Homelessness?

Posted on the Cathedral of Learning (paraphrased):

According to a survey of 25 states, the leading cause of homelessness is a lack of affordable housing.

Our sources have brought us the rest of the story — namely, that "lack of affordable housing" edged out other popular options, such as:

Jonathan suggests the following:

And Anthony (in addition to helping with the phrasing of my last option) adds:

Update: I'm Going to Hell

I felt bad enough having the directory structure humor/homelessness, but now, to make things worse: Google Search Results for Leading Cause of Homelessness. If this site actually got much traffic, I'm sure someone would already have taken time out of his busy schedule to chide me for my insensitivity.

Non‐Humorous Section

Jonathan points out that I should perhaps have a real link that addresses the real problem of homelessness. He suggests the Melville Charitable Trust. The New Yorker has an enlightening article on solving homelessness instead of managing it.