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More Myths about Introverts

Read the original 10 Myths about Introverts first.

Myth #11 – It is difficult for introverts and extroverts to get along.
Nonsense. Just because extroverts talk when they have nothing to say, pressure others to be dishonest, and can't form close friendships doesn't mean that they can't get along with introverts.
Myth #12 – Introverts behave the way they do because they are overly concerned with what others will think about them.
False. It is very important that you understand this about us.
Myth #13 – Introverts are disrespectful of those different from them.
Wrong. You ignorant slut.
Myth #14 – Introverts make poor friends.
It's easy to be friends with an introvert. Just follow this easy rule: Don't talk about boring subjects (introverts hate that), and don't talk about interesting subjects (introverts would prefer to be the ones to talk when the topic is interesting).
Myth #15 – Introverts are fragments of psalms (with antiphons) sung while the celebrant and ministers enter the church and approach the altar.
You're thinking of introits. A common misconception.
Myth #16 – Introverts are defensive.
Nuh‐uh. You take that back!
Myth #17 – There is something "wrong" with introverts.
No, you're confusing us with shy people.
Myth #18 – Introverts are rare.
Actually, if you have ever been uncomfortable in a social situation, you are an introvert. Your family may suggest that, whatever your disposition, you can "improve" your social skills through work. They don't understand you as well as I do.
Myth #19 – Introverts don't like to concoct absolutist strawman arguments.
Introverts like to concoct absolutist strawman arguments. They just don't like to do it AS MUCH as others do.