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XFCE Patches

General Information

I've uses these patches with XFCE 4.4.0, 4.4.1, 4.4.2, and 4.4.3.

Stop task list blinking

The lack of blinking of taskbar buttons was one of the things I liked about XFCE over Gnome and Windows. Then they added it. This patch removes it. Patches libxfcegui4.

Stop window‐title blinking

Window title bars should not blink, either. Patches xfwm4.

Make task list buttons expand to fill available space

Another thing I liked about XFCE was that if you had only a couple windows open, their taskbar buttons still were wide enough to cover the width of the screen. Why cut off information for no reason? Then they changed that, too. This patch restores the old behavior. Patches libxfcegui4.