Two 〈Foo〉s Walk into a 〈Bar〉: Featuring the Highest Angle Bracket–to–Word Ratio Among Site Titles


Every site, no matter how great, has a handful of flaws. My own web site, for instance, is compiled by a custom, unproven backend. It currently has 20 posts, fully 10% of which are dedicated to making fun of (a) homelessness or (b) poverty. And yet with all this greatness comes the occasional problem.

Search Engines

As you would expect, my site is indexed by all the major search engine. But suppose that one of your friends mentioned the site to you and you were stuck immediately by the rare genius of its title. You wanted to know more, so you decided to search for it by name. But there are currently no results. Why? Because the site is not simply named Two Foos Walk into a Bar. No — it is Two 〈Foo〉s Walk into a 〈Bar〉, which, needless to say, is much cooler. Indeed, if you search for the real name, you will find the site.

But what to do? Changing the name of the site is out of the question, you say. True enough. But I'm a step ahead of you: This page, simply by containing the phrase Two Foos Walk into a Bar, will create an entry for that phrase in Google's index, and the problem is solved.

Feed Size

Despite containing only the 10 most recent updates, the site feed is over 300k, due almost entirely to the presence of the full 300k Pitt‐username‐trivia page. That's fine wth me — I personally find sites with incomplete feeds irritating, though I understand the economics at work — but certain tools don't seem to like the 300k feed as much as I do.

To solve this problem, I will — why, yes, I have already solved it. You see, this is the tenth post since I added the username trivia. That means it is no longer part of the feed.


Site problems: Two down, zero to go. Also, note that both problems can, to varying degrees, be blamed on programs that are not mine.